A good thesis for harrison bergeron

But is there such a thing as too much quality?

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Thus, these constraints leave the world equal from Both dystopian societies. It would be better if you can be able to narrow the focus. Because of the th, th, and th amendments, all citizens are subjected to a communist like state where everyone is made to be equal in beauty, physique, and intelligence.

Equality can be interpreted many ways.

A good thesis for harrison bergeron

When Harrison Bergeron breaks the chains of government oppression, he dies for his failed cause. Vonnegut paints Vonnegut explores the dangers that total equality brings to society. In this society, the gifted, strong, and beautiful are required to wear handicaps of earphones, heavy weights, and hideous masks, respectively. The author is mocking the aspects of actual societies with the whole plot of the story. The story takes places in , where a futuristic America exists in complete equality in every form. You have a chance to pick an interesting topic that you will enjoy writing about. The beautiful people are covered with hideous masks, the intelligent people wear ear pieces that let off loud obnoxious sounds at random to throw off there thought process and the strong

I mean, we all deserve the exact same chance at life, and none of us should struggle, right? Thesis Statements and Harrison Bergeron - YouTube i am going to tell you a few individual characters that have really shown that through this short story.

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Harrison Bergeron Thesis Statement