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Deforestation is a major issue. Life is more expensive, more hurried, and more competitive than in Some people in America, Europe and Japan predominantly chosen because of their wealth, scientific ability and uniqueness would be the only persons allowed to live in this Atlantis, as it would not be spacious enough to accommodate everyone.

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This impending doom is because of their sins, and God tries to help them but ultimately fails. These few reasons only begin to describe the great differences, which exist between the two worlds years apart.

These nanobots have been programmed by humans to function as our body's warriors by fighting off cancer cells and viruses that invade our body. My plans and goals in life are very basic. When we need help, we can seek the aide of a guidance counselor. In you walked to school unless you were fortunate to have a horse to ride you to school.

Digital cameras, palm pilots, MP3 players barely top off the list as technology advances every day.

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Most people grew their own food and made their own clothes. They are looked upon as equals and both strong enough to succeed in whatever they choose to do, may it be in the home or out. I see that houses in the future have discarded the conventional heating systems employed by us now. Hii 28 Aug, AM The world after years is something very difficult and interesting to imagine. Bush, a Republican, leads America. The manufacture, sales, and servicing of automobiles became key elements of industrial economies. Constant from the moment man walked the earth, the effects of these elements on the human existence, remain visible in every generation. The reaction is called aerobic respiration because oxygen from the air is needed for it to work. The main source of oxygen for this Atlantis would be the algae, and the predominant source of food would be fish. As much as America has changed, from until , it is difficult to imagine how much change will occur throughout the next century. Everything and everyone has the capability of changing. I see nations squabbling over water - that preciously scarce resource of the future.

We today have the luxury of transportation to and from school, by riding the bus. Those living in mining towns would walk to the local company store owned and operated by the coal mine companies in the area to purchase such items. So, who knows - maybe, just maybe some of the things mentioned here might just be fact not fiction in the future!!

a hundred years from now essay writer
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Life One Hundred Years Ago Essay Example