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As Mr. Why does Lucie manage to miss out on all of the climactic moments of the novel? Carton loves Lucie so much that he willingly gives up his life to save her husband, Charles Darnay.

I know that the longer I keep you here, the greater hope there is for my Ladybird. Lucie manifests her purity of devotion to her husband, Charles Darnay, in her unquestioning willingness to wait at a street corner for two hours each day, for over a year, on the off chance that he would catch sight of her from his prison window.

They treat the people of France extremely badly. Madame Defarge's cold confidence causes her to make an error in judgment, however. Have no imagination at all. The Messiah is an archetypal symbol that is prominent in the novel through the characters, and portrays traits of a classic novel.

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Cruncher does not like his wife praying because he thinks it affects his work as a grave-robber. When he pledges that he will give his life to save Lucie or anyone close to her, you see his true colors.

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At the end of the book Carton sacrifices his life in order to save Darnay. Lorry had begun, when Miss Pross took him up short with: "Never imagine anything. By definition, loyalty is faithfulness, devotion, or dedication to someone or something. However, when Darnay goes secretly to France and Lucie hears of his imprisonment, Miss Pross accompanies her to France. Throughout the book, Dickens has shown Lucie and Madame Defarge to be opposites: Lucie represents love and compassion, while Madame Defarge represents revenge and retribution. She makes sure that he is welcome in her home and that he is treated with respect despite his reputation and bad habits. I don't care an English Twopence for myself. Manette, is the only thing that kept him from reverting back to his former miserable self. Sometimes, we strike into the skirting mud, to avoid the stones that clatter us and shake us; sometimes, we stick in ruts and sloughs there. A Tale of Two Cities Several elements are taken into account when one considers the qualification of a classic novel. And nope, we don't source our examples from our editing service! Cruncher puts his position at risk when he gives away his secret career. I know that the longer I keep you here, the greater hope there is for my Ladybird. The archetype commonly contains attributes similar to those of Jesus Christ.
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A Tale of Two Cities: Loyalty