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Print version —present — The logo was given a major revamp on January 1,with the dawn of the new millennium. While the overall design remains unchanged, the typeface of the name has been simplified by removing the serifs, the rings and vertical line are drawn thicker, and the grey square is replaced with a white square.

Also, the white frame was swapped for a black box outline. It was among the most advanced broadcasting facility of its kind in Asia. The logo was originally launched as a secondary logo on October 7,and then as the new corporate logo of the company on January 1, James Lindenberg, the owner of BEC, was the first to apply for a license to the Philippine Congress to establish a television station in When Marcos was deposed, the network was sequestered and returned Channel 2 to the Lopezes but not Channel 4.

This was also the first logo to be used in a horizontal format.

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