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Yet, at the same time, the family shows a resilience and a determination to keep going despite all that has happened and is happening, perhaps because of some inner strength, never acknowledged.

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The events of the novel and the actions of the main characters are strongly influenced not only by the very strict religious beliefs that dominated so many aspects of life in Northern Ireland at that time, but also by the co-existence of strong traditional beliefs about the supernatural.

Everything has to be exact, even the vaguenesses. Each chapter is sub-divided into different sections, which are short and condensed, and each section has its own significant link with the overall plot of the novel.

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It becomes difficult to distinguish between truths and untruths as many of the family secrets are hazy and vague and take on the ghostly qualities of legends. He attended St. There is a natural reserve built in to any discussion about politics or about happenings where there may be conflict.

She did this because she had had a relationship with him in the past before he married her sister.

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