An interpretation of love in the notebook a novel by nicholas sparks

As people made this connection, the book became a so-called word-of-mouth success, with those who enjoyed it recommending it to others. The setting in this story is taken place in the year in a little place called New Bern, where the lives of the Lewis family would change in many ways.

Indeed, the circumstances of minor characters give the work a dark sense. On their way back, they are caught in a storm and end up soaked.

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The young couple is quickly separated by Allie's upper-class parents who insist that Noah isn't right for her. The Notebook was a hardcover best seller for more than a year.

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It is a complicated love story between two teenage lovers named Noah Calhoun, a country boy, and Allie Nelson, a rich girl, who meet each other at a local carnival Only then am I satisfied. Moreover, even though Allie has a memory loss, she has always remembered Noah when hearing from the notebook, and yet, she remembered Noah without one at the end.

She begins to panic and hallucinate. What was it like going on your author tour and meeting and hearing from so many people whose lives were affected by your book? In both stories one of the characters goes back and tries to find the other one, but what happens when they do is completely different Then she was trapped in the house because she thought it was unsafe to drive in the rain.

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The Notebook Quotes by Nicholas Sparks