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Could it be over?

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There was nothing now. Out on the lawn, the children stopped chanting. Games At Twilight is the first time I've encountered Desai's short stories.

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The other children were older, but nevertheless, he would be the winner. Have you hurt yourself? Ravi shook, then shivered with delight, with self-congratulation.

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The importance that Ravi had placed on the game of hide and seek is not matched by the importance the other children gave the game. The publication date is significant: these are tales a of a bygone India, long before mobile phones, call centres and the IPL. Raghu has no patience with the younger ones. Hidden inside the shed, safe from the large bossy Raghu, Ravi is already savoring his victory. And there is a good long meaty story Scholar and Gypsy about an American couple David and Pat who come to India with the husband enthusiastic and condescending, the wife miserable and ill at ease, but after time in the hills and some personal discoveries David is much reduced and Pat has found her place without David. The other children were older, but nevertheless, he would be the winner. He sees nothing else as being significant. Ravi remains paralysed. They are interspersed with long winding ones that describe the setting of the old bungalow that bakes slowly in the heat. Soon, the relief of getting away from the mad scramble of looking for good hiding spots lulls Ravi; he basks in the glory of winning the game against the big bully, Raghu. She pulled the boys roughly apart.

Ravi might at his worst moment consider life to be abysmally bad, but in later life, recall these days with fondness. The young ones are in awe of him; he is large and his voice is breaking. It will be the first time that he has won any of the games that the children have played and he feels proud that he might have the opportunity to finally beat the older children.

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Analysis of 'Games at Twilight' by Anita Desai