Authors purpose for writing a long way gone summary

authors purpose for writing a long way gone summary

Through perseverence, Beah obtains the position and is flown to the United States to address the UN in person. He struggles to assimilate among people who are happy all the time. For his part, Ishmael maintains that his story is, sadly, totally and completely true.

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Beah leaves his family again and becomes a refugee. UNICEF intervenes, taking some of the more "promising" boys away from their life of military violence. The book records his real-life experiences as a year-old caught up in a bloody civil war in his home country of Sierra Leone. And when change comes with him losing his family he does not know what his next move is. That means Ishmael only served as a soldier for a few months, not two years. The boy soldiers become addicted to cocaine, marijuana, and "brown brown," which give them the courage to fight and the ability to repress their emotions in times of war. Ishmael was living a happy life in Sierra Leone, at least until the civil war broke out. Shmoop doesn't think so. As part of their conditioning, the boys are given drugs cocaine and marijuana , fed a steady diet of American action films such as Rambo: First Blood , and rewarded for finding the most efficient way to kill an enemy. Yep, that's That's not like any paintball game we've ever played in. We should note that some journalists have questioned the accuracy of Ishmael's account of being a child soldier. Let's do it. But even if there are details that don't conform exactly to what happened, is that such a big deal?

Throughout the war Ismael Beah survives many difficult situations, that make him think is it worth it to keep running. Ishmael was living a happy life in Sierra Leone, at least until the civil war broke out.

What happens is that these child soldiers are traumatized and brutalized by their experience, just like Ishmael, who has a lot of trouble adjusting to civilian life.

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He and his unit commit the same atrocities that the RUF had perpetrated upon Beah's own village and neighboring towns. He once again learned how to love, which he does by having hope.

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He escapes to neighboring Guinea and contacts Laura Simms. For Ishmael Beah, war wasn't just a game. Sure, adults who've served in the military have done it—thanks, guys—but your average, every day American tween doesn't have too much first hand experience with combat. Eventually, she adopts him and he relocates to the United States, where he completes his secondary education and eventually attends college. Ishmael is invited along with other children of war to New York City to tell his story to the United Nations. Beah becomes desensitized to his situation, living each day in a haze of drug-induced apathy and regimented bloodlust. He goes through villages. The army becomes his family and he is brainwashed into believing that each rebel death may avenge his own family's slaughter. His trust is gone, he has nightmares, he's constantly afraid for his life, and he's consumed with guilt and regret. Heck, we even have paintball games where we can pretend to shoot other people in mock battles. Yet armies still do this. The use of child soldiers in Sierra Leone didn't end when Ishmael left the frontlines in When he returns to Freetown, the city is invaded by a combination of the army and the RUF.

He later found a way to be rehabilitated and regain his childhood.

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