Berkowitz sears thesis

But clearly, he is testing the faithful. For example, how long can Sears whether the poor economic conditions, which may persist for the next two, three more years?

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In the filing the creditors mention a litany of potential charges: fraudulent transfer, breach of fiduciary duty, equitable subordination, and debt recharacterization. Nor were we depending on it.

Berkowitz sears thesis

Instead of investing in the stores, which were already run down, Sears started buying back shares. ESL has said the claims are without merit. Do you think — are you concerned that it will get cheap enough that he will be able to take it private to a point to where your entry point or what you hope to gain from when the company comes to fruition will be greatly curtailed? Shareholder: Next question, concentrated Another position we have — and I like the guy. In fact, in an interview with The New York Times days after the October 15 bankruptcy filing — his only one since then — Lampert chose his words carefully. How much? Shareholder: Your thesis on Sears Holdings how much of it is based on assets, how much on them as a retailer, and how much on Eddie Lampert as a capital allocator? The Sears chairman Lampert relinquished the CEO role when Sears filed for bankruptcy protection declined to be interviewed for this article. Steve Mnuchin would later invest in ESL and serve on the board of Sears; he left upon joining the Trump administration. Bruce Berkowitz Comments on Seritage - finance. But he has his defenders. Bruce Berkowitz, in Fairholme Capital Management public conference call, evaluates his investment in Sears. Filed Under:. In any typical bankruptcy, the secured debt would be considered safe.

Bruce Berkowitz : Well, probably if the short-sellers are still there it goes down. How do you evaluate your investment in Sears today?

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Shareholder: could you explain how you have tried to kill Sears and could not? Has our evaluations of liquidation value declined in this environment?

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He turned around and used the inflated value of Kmart stock, and the cash, and bought Sears Roebuck. Shareholders: Can Sears pay off their debt?

The whole world is over-retailed and over-stored.

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They have forced me to dig deep, to discover who I am and what I value. Yet below these depressing figures lies a shocking truth. But it has gone down. He turned around and used the inflated value of Kmart stock, and the cash, and bought Sears Roebuck. They took to employment review website Glassdoor in droves. Berkowitz's background is in analyzing At this price, and with the few remaining shares out standing, Eddie Lampert just has to keep buying stock back and the game is over. I have a whole bunch of more question on Sears that are coming a little — that — of to an answer and we go into a bit more detail. For creditors liquidation may be the best chance they have of getting their money back. But in mid-October of this year, they were calling him something entirely different. I don't have a problem with shorts.
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Bruce Berkowitz Sears Thesis