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Damn dude. This is another way we organize music.

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If it leaked, then why did Punch tell Complex this? Jean Grae endorsement! Nas is similar to Eminem, but favors less rhymes, although this is done consciously; his rhyme skills are likewise in a class of their own. Kanye West usually has one-syllable end rhymes in sentences that usually fit completely by the bar. However, this is not yet another GKMC review. Now, dividing 6 by 4 is relatively easy: 1. Why Alright? The sentences can either line up completely with the bar, cross the bar line, or, as is usually the case, some mix between them. Furthermore, we can describe just how these rappers use these rhymes. For a deeper introduction to the basic concepts introduced here, such as multisyllabic rhymes and how to measure them, check out my Nas analysis here. Thus, the bar, when represented on paper in music notation, looks like this: A beat is another way we organize music. Why Now Then? It works like this: every piece of music has a time signature. He follows this same basic flow scheme for the start of his 1st verse: low tension with sentences following the bar lines with short end rhymes. It legitimized a song which had always felt like a track that was relegated to lurking in the shadows.

You can see here: That there are six fragments in a 2 bar space. However, this is not yet another GKMC review. Here, Kendrick changes the end of the hook to make it transition flawlessly into the 3rd verse. Now, what are you going to do to perform this?

This is pretty standard for a hook; it makes it easy to remember and rap along to. Rap ought to be socially conscious, morally nuanced, and narrative, Lamar argues. Speaking of Kendrick as a Visionary In that same Complex interview where Punch talks about the sample clearance issues and Mr.

The rhythm, thus, is here just crazy: just try to rap along!

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Then, in terms of rhymes and sentences, he uses mostly single-syllable internal rhymes in different places in the bar with longer sentences organized by the bar. Or, they can line up with the bar. Thus, we can compare whether a rapper keeps his rhymes in the same place, or in different places.

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