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He talks about climbing up and walking slowly, in broad daylight, right toward the machine guns. He goes home to read the letters, in hopes of saving his friend's reputation, and promises to return before midnight to call the police.

Sassoon is angered at the complacency of the British people; they do not even care if a boy who is not even old enough to enlist is killed. Poole destroys the cabinet door with the ax. Thinking he had left late enough to miss the height of rush hour, Bob was now downstream from the pileup.

Output is equally diverse, appearing in the form of graphical interfaces, speech, mixed realities, augmented realities, tangible interfaces, wearable computing, and more. Poole returns to where Utterson was hiding and asks if the voice sounded like Jekyll.

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He vows to return before midnight and then to call the police.

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Chapters Summary and Analysis