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Claypool LE. Some participants equated this to a time when darkness changed into light and nights changed into days. Int Nurs Rev. However, studies have reported positive attitudes specifically toward emergency contraceptives among students at Jimma and Adama university in Ethiopia [ 2627 ] and negative attitudes toward emergency contraceptives increasing promiscuity in female students of Trinidad and Tobago [ 28 ].

Long-acting contraceptives: Rationale, current development, and ethical implications. While the scale and purposes of these activities differ, all are germane to the report's process, content, and implications.

The character of those needs, as we will discuss in detail in the next chapter, is variable, complex, and different in several important ways from the needs that characterized the period of the first contraceptive revolution. Germain A, R Kyte.

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It further considers the importance of the expert knowledge of the researcher as a valuable guide to the enquiry. In the same way that women often discussed their experiences with contraceptive use, it discusses changes in the lives and livelihoods of the women and their families in relation to contraceptive service use, both before and after service use.

Being free from pregnancy means being able to move freely wherever they want; be it to school, market, social gatherings, health institutions, etc.

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The decisions to use contraception, plan a family, or practice safer sex are rarely just pragmatic, intellectual matters or issues of biologic function.

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