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What resources are available to undergrads and how will they guide your craft?

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News and World Report ranks Rice at 3 in Best Undergraduate Teachingand undergraduate life at Rice finds strong support in the residential college system. You could write about anything here as long as you address where your wish to pursue architecture arose.

rice perspective essay

As a residential college we will create a single dish - a family - from the diverse combination of different flavors, experiences, and perspectives that make up Rice students. For questions like these, specific examples are key.

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Read more. Notably, the phrasing of this prompt invites a more direct answer than the extensive narrative solicited by the Common Application. The Requirements: 2 essays of words; 1 essay of words; 1 image Supplemental Essay Type s : Community , Why There is a breadth of intellectual opportunities here at Rice. They should come out of the Rice supplemental essays having learned something new about you. A residential college is much like a serving of food - it requires many different ingredients and condiments for it to succeed. Inspirational scenery from your travels: If you devoted yourself to creative writing and literature in high school, you may consider sending a photo of an environment that you found creatively stimulating, or of a relevant quote displayed in a piece of public art. Answer the prompts in a way that highlights the aspects that make you unique and portray you as a memorable candidate. Between multiple options that excite you equally, it is safer to write about topics that present you as actively doing something. What kinds of activities have you led in high school that you believe have prepared you to continue to make an impact in while at Rice? You can also draw upon memories of travels or buildings closer to home, as long as you avoid simple descriptions of the awe inspired in you by the Eiffel Tower or Taj Mahal. Upload a photo which holds meaning to you.

Do you have a particular goal when it comes to architecture, such as designing a space shuttle for NASA or the tallest building in your city?

How do you plan to hone in on the perfect major?

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Is there a part of your identity that you feel adds a unique element to your story?

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Complete Guide to Successful Rice University Essays