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Spend six transformative days getting in touch with who you really are and what you really want at Seduction of Spirit, our signature meditation and yoga retreat led by Deepak Chopra.

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Coming to grips with these two things is important for anyone who wants to create a conscious lifestyle.

But we do know that a human brain produces what we call the human universe. In fact, the body-mind is as much an experience as what we call the physical world.

Humans have both written language and oral language. Therefore, don't try to make stress your ally, either by toughing it out or turning your back on the problem. Well, here I am, jabbing a knife into my desk as I duck beneath a hail of ash and bullets, no closer to inspiration than I was 3 years ago when I first picked up my copy of the acclaimed, yet inane Chicken Soup for the Soul. Raise the stress high enough and they are reversed. Some people learn as they grow through adulthood. Vedanta says that there are only five reasons that people suffer, and a lot of those feelings stem from fear, vanity, and the unknown What is a thought made of? Welss: Deepak, sometimes when I listen to you, I want to hold onto my chair. Many people in todays society do…. We are made of atoms; our interactions with the atomic universe are through light. The rest is either unknown or possibly unknowable. Just as time, space, matter, and energy emerge from a pre-created domain that is timeless and without dimensions, the source of awareness is inconceivable. To accept conventional wisdom is the surest way to remain unwise. And Claudia is also a construct of the body-mind.

The book discusses the idea of what it means to exist. Part two of that question would be this: in a universe where, as you just said, the fundamental building blocks of Reality are subjective experience, and in a world where there seems to be no objective truth, where do we find our moral compass?

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This is the big conundrum that science is in at the moment. Humans have both written language and oral language.

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