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Are feelings of de ja vue just those unconcious thoughts coming out in dreams and as such being thought of as all ready living that specific moment?

By keeping a check on your surroundings and providing proper information to the police in case you notice an unfavourable incident is also a form of your contribution to the security agencies of the country. You will never enjoy the luxuries of life and you will never feel happy.

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So keep dreaming, believe in yourself and put in as much effort to realise your dreams. It is a goal, an aim, a direction for my life. There will be no objective to reach. The reasons behind them, if they foreshadow the future, teach valuable life lessons, or if they mean anything at all.

Doctors are respected in all places and among all types of society. As doing business is not as easy as it seems, first I need to understand the basics of what business actually is.

There is no harm in dreaming big however choose your path wisely keeping in mind your potential and other aspects.

Without this diligent work, a fantasy will just remain a craving in the subliminal personality and will never be accomplished.

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You will be a disappointment and you will be nothing throughout everyday life. During dreams the mind reviews long and short term memory.

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Essay Topic : Dreaming big is the first step to success