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India of My Dreams Essay 4 words India of my dreams would be a country where freedom of equality is enjoyed in its true sense. Develop trade and commerce. Here are some areas that need special attention: Women empowerment In today's time, more and more women are coming out of their homes and making their own identity in different areas, but even then the women of our country still suffer a lot of discrimination. I want the people of my country to understand the importance of education and ensure that their children seek education rather than indulging in menial jobs at a tender age. Working by circumventing caste and religious issues will be a very important step in strengthening the nation. It should distribute among every people. Transportation system In every place of the country, the transportation facility should be proper. In India, there are rich, culture heritage, old civilization and vast knowledge in every aspect of life. There will also be a good network of railways all over the country.

There will also be a good network of railways all over the country. Reduce that type of things, which can make the pollution.

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The industrial products would be sent to other countries, and this will make our economy sound. No one can stop the development of a nation full of educated and talented people.

It should be a place where different ethnic groups live in perfect harmony with each other. There will be no gender discrimination in my dream of India.

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People belonging to various castes, creeds and religions live peacefully in this country. In my India of 21st century, the present evils characterising the Indian political system of India such as instability, rampant corruption, political scams, misuse of public money, glorification of leaders, horse-trading, criminalisation of politics, manipulation of election process, etc. It should be scientifically and technologically advanced. India will be a place of my dreams where people are not discriminated against on the basis of caste, creed or religion. However, there is still a lot of scope for improvement. I dream of India that is devoid of discrimination against women. The political parties will no more fight for their selfish motives. Every village would be connected by roads and by internet. This would be a place where men and women are considered equal. Instead of being self-centered, they will think of the interest of the country more. Several non-profit organizations have come forward to promote women's empowerment. All should respect them. The country should export more of her product. In India of my dreams, the government should ensure equal employment opportunities for all its citizens. The birth of a girl child is still considered a curse in many parts of the country.

Hope you like everyone, please share your classmate too. Here's information about the important areas that need attention to improve India: Education and employment I dream of such a country where every citizen will be educated and everyone will be able to find suitable employment opportunities.

Essay writing india of my dreams

Every people should have this ability to fight for their rights in the country. I have been blogging for 3 years and through the Fast Read.

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