Essays on fifa world cup 2010

Essays on fifa world cup 2010

In it was estimated that approximately , tourist would visit during the World Cup period, who on average would stay 14 days and spend R22, In addition, there will be friendly matches between the teams of the different countries that are participating in this event. According to the estimations a number of foreign tourists visiting South Africa has tended to increase since Plans are afoot to completely overhaul the public transport system. Due to a good planning, organization and event management, the World Cup was recognized as a great success by the international community. It is estimated that the average wage gap between the low-paid worker and senior official in the construction companies increased from in to in For all the concerns in a country where the statistics make for horrific reading, the suspicion they would succeed by flooding public areas with 41, dedicated police proved more prescient than those who foresaw a doomsday scenario. Finally, the essay critically analyses the effects of such a mega event in reference to South African economy by applying various quantifiable measures, in particular economic growth rate; expenditures and incomes; an increase in investments; employment rate and an increase in number of tourists. The World Cup as an organization is an influence for worldwide wholesome for some reasons that are the tournament brings together the nations. First, the World Cup fell on the period of strong global recession what can partly explain why the economic outcomes of the World Cup were lower than expected. The government of South Africa is going to conduct a meeting with the officials of the Southern Africa Development Community Supreme Council on Sport in Cape Town to draft a strategy to conduct the international event and to discuss the importance of the event for the region South Africa Thinks Big for World Soccer Cup

However, the report on corruption published in by the Transparency International underlined that global construction sector was the most corrupted sector of the international economy. Nowadays these stadiums remain largely underused.

However, he enlarged the database, as he added three new industries such as Olympic operations, international tourism and interstate tourism.

Marrs, D. New York: United Nations Notes Soccer World Cup transport problems. Matieland: Bureau for Economic Research.

2010 world cup

But my main focus is how sport can bring different people together. The Barcelona Games started to be perceived as a model to follow up from the organizational, economic, social, sporting and urban planning perspectives. The authorities responsible for conducting the Soccer World Cup have identified around twenty — two thousand rooms in hotels and around six thousand rooms in other places.

The anticipated effects of this event on the national economy prepared in by a consultancy company, Grant Thornton were promising. Leuven: Katholikie Universiteit Leuven. They postulated that real net economic impact of these mega-events was significantly smaller in developing countries than it was initially estimated.

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