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Many of the reviews on iTunes suggest forking out the extra dough if you are going to use this app.

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Obviously, as the name suggests, Rhymes for Rap is mainly for rap lyrics. Where possible I wrote the app descriptions myself, but some of these blurbs come from the developers. Many others. IMHO, there is a lot of ersatz poetry available in print and online that is no better than the earnest flights of an average straight-A high schooler. Install Writing App Mirakee is the most addictive creative writing platform connecting a global community of writers, readers and poets through the power of words. In addition to being featured by Edutopia during poetry month, this app won't cost you a dime. Unlike a book of poetry, which often requires a commitment to a specific poet, this app is great for people who are still finding out what they like, because it introduces you to a wide selection of different poems and then allows you to investigate a specific poet and their work if you're interested.

It also offers you backgrounds that you can customize for your poems. Overall, this app is rated positively, although some naysayers mention experiencing technical issues with it.

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You can also email all your musings to yourself if you want to work outside the app. Poetry Daily While being well versed in the poetry of Shakespeare and even Chaucer has its benefits, every poet writing in the modern era needs to be extremely familiar with the trends and rules of contemporary poetry. The magazine, which actually began in , was one of the first publications to publish the works of poets like Carl Sandburg, Wallace Stevens, and T. This app will help you do that. Poetry Slam Android : A game that lets poets duel with words. Our first generator, Song Lyrics Generator was launched in as a student magazine project. Rhymes for Rap is free to download. The app is compatible with iPad. It has a strong rating on iTunes and was featured on Mashable as a top app for discovering and creating poetry.

So I know that every poem on this site is deemed worthwhile by one or more knowledgeable and experienced poetry craftsperson.

The authors of these types of articles have already weeded through the multitude of apps available to give you some of the best choices.

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Once you black out all the parts of the text that you want, you can either choose to just dim them or black them out completely. Portapoet iOS : A social network for poets, who can write, share, and battle with their poems using the app.

The Shat hopes you will. We're currently developing a cool app based on our site.

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30 Poetry Apps for the Mobile Poet and Poetry Lover