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This compares gay men to heterosexual women, for both having men as sexual partners ibid. Swardspeak uses a few more word formation processes playing with the phonology of words e. Tom Jones na akez. Word formation processes used are mainly clipping, acronymy, blending, compounding, and suffixation see examples Baker Lara, a year-old female from Quezon City shared that she first came to know beki language from a cousin who is fluent in such lingo.

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The dynamic nature of the language refuses to cement itself in a single culture and allows for more freedom of expression among its speakers. Words like charot "joke" or chaka "ugly" are frequently heard in conversations, even in the famous war of words between two Philippine public officials in Polari speakers refer to themselves and others as women and use female words to refer to their effeminacy Baker In this way, the language is not only "mobile" and part of a larger community, but also open to more specific or local meanings and interpretations.

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Paul Baker goes as far as specifying Polari as an anti-language, because his definition of slang would only refer to a variety spoken by almost every member of the speech community I will analyze how both language varieties compare to one another, and why they progressed differently.

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10 Gay Slang Terms and What They Mean