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Within the realms of the mind, the human personality is controlled by the id, the ego, and the superego. In the novel, Simon has a special place in the forest where he can go and sit alone, at one with his surroundings. The savage's whole existence is public, ruled by the laws of his tribe. He blows the conch and summons the deserted children together. The butterfly is mentioned. The boys are stranded on an island and must find a way to survive until they are rescued. In stark contrast to Jack, Ralph does have concrete ideas about what is important on the island; the fire and the shelters.

I think it was definitely due to the overwhelming de-generation of the boys in to savages, that the island was destructed to such turmoil. He always stands with Ralph supporting the confidence of Ballantyne.

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To answer the critics, Golding said that the theme was to trace the problems of society back to the sinful nature of man. Subsequently it would not be accessible to such a variety of readers and would not work as a successful novel, with such depth and meaning. It is midnight, there is moonlight — it shows magical connotations. Simon is subject to faints and hallucinations and his fits symbolise the visionary experience. Throughout the story Golding conveys a theme of how twisted and sick human nature can lead us to be This is alike to Simon, as Simon is killed sacrificially by the other boys, as a result of discovering the truth. Without Simon there would be no recognition of the central theme, and therefore the book would not work on as many levels as is possible now. The other characters in the novel abandon moral behaviour as soon as civilization no longer imposes upon them; they are not innately moral but have simply been conditioned to act morally in the adult world with the threat of punishment for misdeed. When he killed the sow for the purpose of offering it as a gift for the beast, Golding suggests both the death of morals and the birth of a new, savage kind of open evil. For example, he is not able to maintain discipline among the boys. This allows the parachutist to die in a dignified manner and is an obvious spiritual act. Simon's role in the book is very important; he has hidden depth, inner strength and a unique appearance. Not simply killing one another, by exterminating. Golding also uses Simon as a vehicle to take the readers to the island.

Although he is the only one who worries over the welfare of the other boys and his instinct of civilization survives longer than any other character, he is not resolute and decisive when facing the problems.

In chapter 6, Phil mistakes Simon who walked through the jungle to his secret place as the beast.

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Simon possesses a number of mystical qualities, such as his pathetic abilities. As he realizes this, Ralph falters and wants to give up his chieftainship.

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The theme of Lord of the Flies has been questioned and speculated about for decades. He represents Hope and bravery and has a deep and perhaps dark knowledge, which enables him to perceive the truth much more clearly than the other boys.

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Piggy states the real fear is the fear of people.

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How Does Golding Present Simon in Lord of the Flies