How to write a rejection letter to a business proposal

Thanks again for taking the time to put this proposal together for us. If the idea of ending with an unsoftened rejection makes you unbearably squeamish, you can close with an extra thank you.

Thank you for meeting with us to present your proposal for our company's retirement plan. Consider this example of a rejection letter to a vendor: [Their name], Thanks for your detailed proposal. Please do keep in touch — and is it OK with you if I let you know about roles that open up that might be a better fit?

Thank you for submitting a cost estimate for rewiring the annex to the old courthouse. Thank you for submitting your landscaping bid for the Doe Inc.

While we certainly have no doubt about the superior quality of your team or that you could deliver on this skillfully we decided to use this project to expand our bench of development partners and, since this is part experiment for us, this was a good opportunity to do that.

Sample Letter 3 Copied!

sample letter of decline request
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Proposal Rejection Letter