How to write an opposite editorials

how to write an opinion editorial

Put yourself in the place of the busy person looking at your article. Lead with your main point—many op-eds are rejected because the author never gets to the point or never clearly states his or her opinion.

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If you have a terrific illustration, photo, video or other asset that might accompany your article, alert the editor when you send it. But when writing for the op-ed page, it's also important to summarize your argument in a strong final paragraph.

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The topic is usually stated in the first paragraph. Relax and have fun. Know this before you send the op-ed to other papers.

How to write an op ed article examples

Some tips for writing them: Craft a clear message, focus tightly on one idea or argument and tell readers, high up in the piece, why they should care. Why are you targeting that specific reader? Always provide credible sources Wikipedia, for example, is not a credible source. Library, academic, or internet research: using secondary materials, including graphs, charts, and scholarly articles. Columns are most typically conversational in tone, so you can imagine yourself have a conversation with your reader as you write a short, focused conversation. Indicate authorship and group affiliation. Make your ending a winner. Most papers now accept articles by e-mail.
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How to write an op