Key assumptions of the biological approach to psychology

Our wills become formed.

cognitive approach

Such fixation of modes of willing constitutes character. Compare and discuss reflecting on some of the assumptions and beliefs of the structuralists. From Structuralism to Functionalism As structuralism struggled to survive the scrutiny of the scientific method, new approaches to studying the mind were sought.

One of the major debates in psychology has long centered over the relative contributions of nature versus nurture. For the reductionist, the simple is the source of the complex. Electrodes are attached to the scalp and brain waves can be traced. Parietal lobe: also known as the somatosensory cortex, this portion of the brain is involved in the processing of other tactile sensory information such as pressure, touch, and pain.

Nature-nurture debate The genotype describes the genetic configuration of an individual, whereas phenotype describes the combined effects of genetic makeup and surrounding environment on behaviour.

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Biological approach