Lesson plan in mathematics iv bar

How many kilograms of fruits were harvested in all? What will you do if your teacher is talking in front?

lesson plan on graphs

Do it in your notebook. Divide the left and right sides.

4th grade math lesson plans place value

What is the most borrowed book? The ratio is or - Remember, ratios must expresses first in both measurement and unit. What is the title of the bar graph? So what should angel do? What is the least borrowed book? Song Math Song Good morning class? All members work cooperatively 5. Yes Lijay: Our lesson yesterday was all about Lijay finding the volume of the rectangular prism.

Can you help angel in her assignment? Application Okay! So listen carefully for you to have a correct answer in your group activity.

teaching bar charts

I will only give five 5 minutes to construct the bar graph.

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WALKPH: Detailed Lesson Plan in Mathematics IV