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Figure 2. Finally, efforts in innovation enable Petzl to position itself quickly with new products which sometimes manage to get ahead of its competitors. Today, Le Vieux Campeur holds 41 references for headband lamps produced by six different manufacturers.

Hence the conquest of the market is only possible through classical ways in industrial competition. The strong presence of sporting goods manufacturers in the Rhone-Alps area 14 is closely related to the nearness of the sites of practice and contributes to the evolution of the sector As for competitors, even though they also use arguments focused on technical aspects, they remain more general and do not stress the safety aspects.

The design of that harness had not significantly evolved during the past decades. With this market, as opposed to speleology, Petzl can rely neither on the reputation attached to its name nor on a large network in ski circles.

Marbach is sold to Petzl.

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You may also sign up to receive automatic receipts by visiting htallc. Garrison, knowing that the farmers did not write the first presentation, piles the history on, telling them that it must be taking.

InBruno Dressler, a member of the Seine Speleo-club and a creative engineer, asks him to produce several parts he has designed Dressler and Minvielle, : descender, pulley and brake handle 5.

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As the distribution network is the same, selling to them does not require any more investment.

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