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Hope and Disappointment The cycle of hope and disappointment is repeated many times over the course of the novel. They make their own family. The extremist Taliban are merely puppets of foreign interests that wish to control Afghanistan. Women were traditionally the backbone of the education system.

However, hope continues to rise again. In the Middle East, particularly Afghanistan, there is a wider gap between the rights of males and females. It also demonstrates how The Taliban uses fear and violence to control the people of Afghanistan, particularly females.

You are not able to think like we can.

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Now the Soviets. I thought of myself as normal and those with different beliefs were not normal.

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To apply what we learned in the crisis center to Afghanistan would completely throw out the concept of seeing a culture as the people see instead of how we as individuals might see it. Rather than attempt to marry her off at a young age, Hakim hopes his daughter will pursue an education and contribute to the rebuilding of Afghanistan after the war.

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However, A Thousand Splendid Suns has done more than just enthrall me and capture my interest. They wear makeup and skirts that show their knees. Marriage can wait, education cannot. No chance. Hope and Disappointment The cycle of hope and disappointment is repeated many times over the course of the novel. The novel narrates the strength and resilience of two women who endure physical and psychological cruelty in an anti-feminist society. However, hope continues to rise again. Score: 2. The book ultimately made me sad that these types of things are allowed to go on in the world, but it also gave me hope that not all is lost in Afghanistan if the people are able to rise up like the citizens of Kabul did. Near the beginning, I felt as though this was an extreme example; that it was dramatized to sell better, but as I read more and more, I realized that this abuse and oppression are parts of everyday life in Afghanistan. I did not know just how big the veiling of women is in their culture, and I found it surprising to read that some of the characters felt safe and comfortable in a burqa, which constricts all possibilities of expression or beauty. Each time the characters feel hope for the future, that hope is dashed. They ban all forms of artistic expression and destroy examples of pre-Islamic poetry, art, literature, and history.

Before I read the book, I was apathetic towards Afghanistan. Score: 2. Battered, and nothing pretty to look at, but still standing.

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Only the rich in this country have all of the westernized luxuries available to them such as cars, well built homes, servants, etc. It is rare that a book will not only entertain me, but also educate me in the culture of a very different land. Mariam indeed endures much suffering in her lifetime, but she later learns the transcending quality of love. At the moment of her execution, she prays to Allah, confident that he forgives her. Now the Soviets. Women are never really free even in the more democratic government because of the belief I have always been interested in how groups come to power and politics in general, and the constant power shifts and backstabs that occur with the political figures paint an enthralling story. I never thought of these as real problems because I could not relate them to me because I kept looking at Afghanistan through my own eyes instead of the eyes of someone who lives in the country, and this book allowed me to have that switch in perspective.
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