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In virtual project management the team members work from different location on the same project, so various problems arises which conducting this type of project. The study includes the marketing mix of Apple Inc. The printers manufactured by HP is assumed as of the innovative product developed by the company.

Tan, Q. It has also been suggested to add the selected YouTube promotional video to these restructured social media pages.

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Niche segment and mainstream market are considered as two important features for designing segmentation strategy for the company. Available at SSRN It can insert the like buttons of this social website page in their own website. Further a projected cash flow is prepared by utilising the assumed cost to reveal the state of cash inflow and out flow of the catering service, so that the operational break even can be shown.

This report will try dissecting target customers of the company in terms of demographics and psychographics. A strong brand, good service and all the other strategies which are mentioned above should lead automatically to the main aim "double digit growth" and an even better market positioning for NEXT Plc in the near future.

The paper further discusses about the SOSTAC planning system used by businesses to build their strategies for marketing their products and also examined the importance of digital communication in making purchase decisions by the buyers.

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The researcher used convenience sampling in order to select respondents while validity of the research result was also being checked in context to evidences of secondary data. Countries like India, New Zealand, and other African countries are those, where the popularity of Kenzo cannot be felt, may be because of the presence of other popular fashion brands.

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