Osmosis in an elodea leaf hypothesis

How is the structure of the cell membrane related to its function?

plasmolysis in elodea plant cells lab answers

Because of the high concentration of water outside the cells, water will flow into the cells. It allows the movement of water but not salt.

plasmolyzed elodea cell

During plasmolysis, the cell membrane pulls away from the cell wall. Why were the chloroplasts moving around? However, you should not focus on terminology, but rather what happens during plasmolysis.

How is the structure of the cell wall related to its function? It is rigid and provides support to the Elodea plant cell.

what happens to the cells when the salt water is flushed out with distilled water

The central vacuole is an organelle in plant cells that stores nutrients and water for the cell. Why or why not? Bring volume up to mL with distilled water.

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Plasmolysis of Elodea