Political factors of google

The European Union had charged it with the promotion of its own shopping services In this case, Google faces fines of up to 3 Billion Euros.

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Other legal areas that can influence Google are intellectual property rights and privacy of the users. This includes search, streaming video, shopping and money transfer. Government is a major consumer of goods and services. Google is one of many U. Additionally, Google has not been able to enter some potentially lucrative markets, such as China , because of political reasons. They are one of the most important customers for Google and its social media channels like YouTube and Google Plus. Then the authorities started blocking the site with what became known as "the great firewall of China". In some markets anti US sentiments can lead to retaliatory action against the US based technological giants from governments and government agencies. A well-known Democrat sympathiser, he served for eight years as associate director of the Centre for Democracy and Technology, a thinktank that opposes government and industry control of the web. Many of the visits its staff make to governments are at the requests of politicians.

Overall, the research suggests that Google, now part of parent company Alphabet Inc, has hired at least 65 former government officials from within the European Union since For example, the company can improve its privacy measures to protect individual users. The social environment urged a change to make public companies more liable.

Socio-Cultural Factors: Knowledge and information is a key factor of human development. During the recession, economic activity was reduced which led to reduced purchasing power of individuals and businesses.

Google only has one lobbyist working the Brussels beat - Patricia Moll, who used to work for the European commission - and she is based in London. Is the self-appointed organiser of the world's information about to become involved in politics?

They are one of the most important customers for Google and its social media channels like YouTube and Google Plus. Google is marketing its brand in various cultures using localized marketing techniques to create a better brand image and perception.

For example, Google can use its culture of innovation to develop capabilities, such as improved responsiveness of Google products on mobile devices.

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Despite all the obvious political connections contained within Google's European operations, Collins maintains: "We are not looking to become a political organisation.

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A PESTEL/PESTLE Analysis of Google