Post purchase evalutation

Post purchase dissonance

Operational Measures Multi-item scales were used to measure each of the seven constructs that served as the basis for the questionnaire items Table 1 [Table 1 includes 16 items, which was selected after the factor analysis. These analyses found strong discriminant and convergent validity among the latent constructs Anderson and Gerbing ; Blodgett, Granbois, and Walters Post-purchase behavior Problem or Need Recognition This is the first stage of the Consumer Decision Process in which the consumer is able to recognize what the problem or need is and subsequently, what product or kind of product would be able to meet this need. Negative feedback of others and our level of motivation to comply or accept the feedback. To avoid dissatisfaction of the consumer, only realistic claims be madei. Through dissatisfaction, a lot of customers or clientele is lost and the marketer suffers losses. In this case, customers tell twice as many people about bad experiences as good ones and such behavior can severely damage a company's image. Committed customers also promote the product by positive word of mouth. For example, after going through the need recognition, information search, and alternative evaluation stages, one might choose to buy a Nikon D80 DSLR camera, but a close photographer friend might share negative feedback, which could drastically influence personal preference. The quality should be the joint responsibility of marketing and production. The online shopping environment precludes face-to-face interactions between customers and sellers.

Key Terms Evoked Set: The number of alternatives that are considered by consumers during the problem-solving process. E-businesses that place the greatest emphasis on customer service give customers access to real-time chat systems or databases for synchronous communication.

You could even turn it into a game, attempting to identify each step of the process in your next purchase.

outcomes of post purchase evaluation

Instead of modifying variables known as disconfirmation of expectations is thought to be a significant mediator of this situation. In order for a marketing organization to increase the likelihood that their brand is part of the evoked set for many consumers, they need to understand what benefits consumers are seeking and specifically, which attributes will be most influential to their decision-making process.

Product vs. Through dissatisfaction, a lot of customers or clientele is lost and the marketer suffers losses.

According to Novak, Hoffman, and Yungconsumers holding positive perceptions of Web searched and other online experiences become acutely involved in the act of online navigation; how such involvement affects purchase decision and complaining behavior is a topic that has yet to received much attention.

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Post Purchase Consumer Behaviour