Power duties of a social worker essay

I encountered myself wanting to help others and that 's where I found my happiness, which lead me in to the field of social work. Lukes argued that power is socially structured: …the bias of the system is not sustained simply by a series of individually chosen acts, but also, more importantly, by the socially structured and culturally patterned behaviour of groups, and practices of institutions, which may indeed be manifested by individual inaction Lukes,pp.

Power duties of a social worker essay

These professionals may assist parents, locate foster homes, help to arrange adoptions, and address abuse. To give a fairly obvious example, Hitler and the Nazi Party portrayed the Jewish people as vermin who were destroying German life and culture. Introduction This article provides an analysis of some theories of power when applied to social work practice within the mental health sector, relating specifically to service provision for people from Black and minority ethnic groups. Other Social Work Tasks Accomplishing administrative duties and diligently completing paperwork are generally a requirement for social workers, no matter what their specialization is. All visits and contacts made with S, his family, college and other professionals are recorded as soon as possible in order to be factual and also to enable other professionals who have access to this information to see it. This assignment will address theory, law and statutory guidelines of practice when protecting and safeguarding very vulnerable children and young people. This power comes from the official roles within the agency and requires social workers to take on certain task such as undertaking an assessment Akister, I strongly believe that my urge to become a social worker stems from the frightening idea of what would have happened with my grandmother as well as my own parents; had they not had someone helping them Akister argues that social workers must increase their power and their understanding of its dynamics and adopt a wider range of means of influence than they do at present. This leads us immediately to an interesting paradox. These include categories such as child, mother, father, deviant, co-operative and worthy.

And finally, it will look into some relevant social work skills and values that relate to the discussed topic. This is an example of power in discourse.

power in social work essay

Beckett and Maynard pointed out that we consider our personal values and that of our agency when working service users. She clutches the envelope that she received in the mail today with the results of her blood test. Even though S was of mixed parentage, he could speak English very well so there was no need to arrange for an interpreter.

The role of law in social work practice and administration

The move towards social processes is a key change in terms of empowerment within social work. The task is further compounded with ever changing institutional policies. The effects of the Pindown system on the children who experienced it were traumatic and in some cases devastating. Social work has come a long way from when it first began Reflecting on this circumstance reminded me of my own personal beliefs towards service users who misuse drugs. The micro-level of empowerment focuses on the individual and increasing their feeling of power whereas the macro-level of empowerment is a process increasing collective political power Dalrymple and Burke, , p. During my work with S, I realised that I had to look at different options that could be beneficial to him such as proposing a referral to undergo CBT sessions?? My manager was unaware of the power differentials between herself and the local black volunteers which created misunderstandings and confusion for both herself and the volunteers, and which ultimately prevented the program from running effectively within local communities. After attending college and taking some nursing classes, I felt that it was not the profession that I wanted to be part of.

It was needed to assist social workers in assessing and interviewing clients. In my agency, partnership working is one way of safeguarding against the abuse of power. This stereotypical view of black people has resulted in them being treated differently within the mental health system due to the dominance of white ideology within society.

Legal framework social work practice

The author, Stephen Webb, Ph. Does the program offer the area specialization or concentration you want in addition to ample field placement opportunities in your area of interest? This is a major campaign that is sponsored by the military and United Way, and it is geared towards raising money for nonprofit agencies. The inclusion of non-institutional welfare delivery would help to form a balance between the advantages of expertise, and the empowerment of individuals Thompson and Hoggett, cited in Graham, , p. This was an opportunity for us to discuss my case load, reflective skills, professional development, relevant theories, and ethical dilemmas which are relevant to my practice. These factors pre-structure the power-domain of social workers in general; as such, they are capacity-giving factors. Firstly, it is going to briefly describe the observation. In less formally unequal situations, e. That is, it resides and is exercised through our relationship to other social workers and officials, to institutions, e. Power thus pre-figures our relationships with clients, at both an inter-personal and structural level. Accounting to and for oneself across time is regarded as a morally authenticating activity for both clients and social workers alike. He identifies eight stages of empowerment and argues that in order to achieve objectives the process of change that one must go through all stages. Social workers are highly trained and experienced professionals. Another example of power behind discourse might be the assessment procedures of children who are considered at risk of sexual abuse. In so far as social work is about making changes to the conditions of human life, social work is fundamentally about the use of various kinds of power.

In in the UK the case of 'The Pindown Experience', which occurred in the county of Staffordshire, came to the public and media attention.

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Understanding the Role of a Social Worker