Preventive medicine and treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome

Keeping activity and symptom diaries may help patients find their personal limits, especially early on in the illness.

Chronic fatigue syndrome test

It can be difficult to absorb all the information provided during an appointment, so you might want to arrange for a friend or family member to accompany you. Drafting of the article: M. Why did it take the CDC so long to reverse course on debunked treatments for chronic fatigue syndrome? While the CDC deserves credit for having removed information based on bad science, that alone is not enough. Request an Appointment at Mayo Clinic Alternative medicine Many alternative therapies have been promoted for chronic fatigue syndrome. Williams, MD, Deputy Editor, reports that he has no financial relationships or interests to disclose. Requests for Single Reprints: M. On what basis would you make a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome? Some treatments that are promoted as cures for CFS are unproven, often costly, and could be dangerous. What activity level should I aim for while we're seeking a diagnosis?

What is this disorder? Each one in an effort to pin down its causation. However, doctors should use caution in prescribing these medications.

Chronic fatigue syndrome treatment

Fu, H. This summer, after years of resisting pleas from patients, advocates, and clinicians, the CDC quietly dropped the treatment recommendations from its website. In this RCT, plasma and whole blood magnesium levels were normal and only the RBC magnesium content was slightly lower than the normal range Cox et al. Doctors may first recommend trying over-the-counter pain-relievers, like acetaminophen, aspirin, or ibuprofen. Health information. Two RCTs found an overall benefit for hydrocortisone, but this drug has not been recommended for clinical use. Recent changes or major stressors in your life can play a very real role in your physical well-being. Smith, E. Doctors might run tests to see if patients lack any important nutrients and might suggest supplements to try. Rintatolimod Ampligen has undergone years of clinical trials. Collection and assembly of data: M. Authors not named here have disclosed no conflicts of interest. According to that theory , such patients harbor mistaken beliefs that they suffer from an actual physical disease. But the trial had a host of flaws that render its reported results nonsensical and uninterpretable.

This is a very small research budget given that hundreds of thousands, even as high as 2. In these previous studies, blood magnesium levels were in the normal range and did not differ from healthy controls.

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Nutritional supplements A updated systematic review concluded that supplements of essential fatty acids and magnesium showed beneficial effects in only one or two trials, and that further rigorous trials of these interventions were required Chambers et al.

They might also have headaches typically pressure-like and soreness of their skin when touched.

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Top of Page Depression, Stress, and Anxiety Adjusting to a chronic, debilitating illness sometimes leads to other problems, including depression, stress, and anxiety. Collection and assembly of data: M. Each one in an effort to pin down its causation. Nutritional supplements. McDonagh, H. What to expect from your doctor Your doctor is likely to ask you a number of questions, such as: What are your symptoms and when did they begin? Earlier studies had shown that oral NADH administration had a good safety profile, with no observed adverse effects or toxicity Forsyth et al. Pappas, R. In , a small RCT assessing acyclovir reported no difference in improvement compared with placebo; the conclusion was that the improvement was due either to spontaneous remission or to the placebo effect Straus et al. The also offers recommendations for managing and living with CFS.
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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome