Prison term paper

Women incarcerated tend to need different needs for physical and mental health issues Unlike antipoverty policy, however, the punitive trend in criminal justice policy serves to conceal and deepen economic inequality between blacks and whites.

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In the early coming of prisons and jails they were very poorly maintained causing many to die due to diseases spreading throughout Because the prison system in America has failed to achieve the goal of rehabilitation, criminals released from prison often return to society more violent and less socially adjusted than before they became incarcerated.

While mass imprisonment has indeed incapacitated many who would otherwise have an overall negative effect on community life, it has also removed thousands of people who had a net positive effect on the economy, families, and the community as a whole.

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About two thirds of prisoners are readmitted to prison within 3 years of release. For-profit prisons offer no real benefits and are bad investments for states. Phillip Zimbardo conducted the Stanford experiment where 24 physiologically and physically healthy males were randomly selected where half would be prisoners and the other half prisoner guards.

Resources have not kept up with the increase.

Prison term paper
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Prison Research Paper