Reflective writing for dissertation

Although the content of a reflective portfolio will be more personalised than other assignments, you should use the same level of critical analysis as you do for any essay or exam. At the initial point of the research the author was a bit hesitant with a choice of primary data collection method because it involved approaching unfamiliar people in the street and offering them to participate in the survey.

My grief made me temporarily lose my motivation. The first complication pertained to my status as a foreigner, which I realised made several people wary of my presence. To say that I was in a state of turmoil is an understatement.

It became increasingly obvious to me that in the field, nothing ever goes as neatly as planned on paper. I was shy as a child because I felt so insignificant. Temple, B. Concurrently, I also learned when to change approaches in the field — especially when a particular research method had proven to be unsuccessful.

However, as a result of tremendous efforts which included spending many hours for preparations for primary data collection, as well as, thanks to the encouragement given by tutor, friends and relatives the author was able to overcome sense of insecurity and conduct the survey in a confident manner.

I learned that I can achieve more than often I think I can, so just push myself. Experiential learning is also built upon a foundation of interdisciplinary and constructivist learning.

reflective essay examples

At first, when I chose my Dissertation topic, I exercised fear.

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A great example of a reflective essay