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I also hope to prove that in his poems he creates vivid characters and uses poetic techniques to expose a world of madness and wickedness. The lover does not speak to anyone in particular. The devices reveal the backwards morals of the poem, the outcome of ill-destined love, and the fatal alteration of human behavior when tainted by passion and clouded with fear. It evokes the image of a woman secretly visiting her lover. Although, not every reader is going to analyze a poem with the same ideology, a general understanding of poetic elements and the literal meaning presented throughout the poem should be similar. He settled down with her in Florence, but then moved to London when she died in The motions of love, hate, passion, instinct, violence, desire, poverty, violence, and sex and sensuousness are raised from the dead in his poetry with a striking virility and some are even introduced with a remarkable brilliance. The basic form of his dramatic monologues is a first person narrator who presents a highly subjective perspective on a story, with Browning's message coming out not through the text but through the ironic disconnect of what the speaker justifies and what is obvious to the audience. As in all dramatic monologues the personality of the narrator is revealed through what he says, the words he uses and his point of view about events. The unknown man looks her in the eyes, finally realizing how much she loves him. The only way he feels he can keep her, though, is by killing her. The Victorians from the outlook seemed to live on high standards and rules, but underneath they craved for scandal and gossip. Wet and cold, she tends to the fire and then leans against the narrator, professing quietly her love and assuring him she was not deterred by the storm.

Perhaps this is out of love for her or to keep her love or respect for him. It is also interesting how Browning uses so much stock, melodramatic imagery to set his poem up.

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I believe it to be an internal monologue, the Lover is going through in his head the events of the previous day and night This creates suspense because it places the control of the poem into the hands of her lover. But this does not offer a wholly convincing explanation. It is the story of a man who is so obsessed with Porphyria that he decides to keep her for himself. Get Essay The character is developed throughout the conflict between his thoughts and emotions and not through any description on the part of the poet. The only way he feels he can keep her, though, is by killing her. What is the emotional state of each speaker and how effectively is this conveyed. Updike's narrating main character, Sammy, is plagued by middle class monotonous life style Robert Browning was one of the greatest poets of the nineteenth century. The title of the poem leads the reader to believe that the speaker and the woman have been in a relationship for some time.

To show that the statements above are true I will be writing about the characters, the poetic features in each poem and the madness and wickedness in each poem. In both stories, the lover's perceive the women as objects, instead of actual people.

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As with all things, Browning complicates rather than simplifies. He openly speaks about having his last Duchess murdered, because she did not show him enough respect They were filled with adultery, passion, sexual tension and murder.

He published many verse dramas and dramatic monologues poems, like My Last Duchess, in which a single character speaks to the readernotably the collections Men and Women and Dramatis Personae The Victorians from the outlook seemed to live on high standards and rules, but underneath they craved for scandal and gossip.

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It is worth mentioning that the speaker does not take any sexual license with her dead body, but instead tries to maintain a sense of the purity he had glimpsed in her, creating a tableaux with her head on his shoulder that evokes childish affection rather than adult depravity. Considering the Victorian period in which Browning wrote, this sense of sexual freedom could be expected to prompt a judgment from his audience on Porphyria as an unwed sexual woman, a judgment that is quickly reversed when she becomes the victim of an even darker human impulse than sexuality though one most certainly tied in with it. In "My Last Duchess" the duke, a rich upper class man, is talking to a messenger of a count whose daughter he wishes to marry. A dramatic monologue is a poem in which only one person speaks, but the presence of another person is usually felt They tell the story of obssesional lovers. The monologue is cast in the form of a speech addressed to a silent listener. A Victorian poet, Robert Browning, wrote these two poems. This relatively common act reveals something greater about the situation. All of the best poets and writers know how to utilize that concept and does it well.

Browning uses this contradiction to explore the relationship between art and morality. Unlike most poets, whose messages, even when obtuse, are fully formed, Browning believes humans to be full of contradictions and malleable personalities that shift constantly, sometimes moment to moment.

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Porphyria's Lover by Robert Browning as a Dramatic Monologue Essay Example