Strategic recommendation to qantas

The major hurdle in the competitive market is the new entrants that come with new low prices for their services. Rivalry among Competitors The airline industry is one of the most competitive industries with numerous airlines to the same destinations.

Strategic recommendation to qantas

Indeed, nowadays thanks to the innovation technology, everything is done online through a smartphone or a tablet.

Simultaneously Qantas operates Jetstart to compete the other companies by cheap tickets, Qantas also cooperate with Woolworths in Frequent Flyer program to maintain loyal customer Qantas FactFiles, Except for Qantas International, all other groups showed consistent growth.

In Qantas embarked on a merger with JetSet Travelworld Limited to pursue vertical expansion in the travel services market. At the same time, the market conditions in Asia are creating opportunity with the liberalisation of the bilateral services agreement improving the competitive conditions between airlines Fu, X.

Qantas international business created an important alliance with Emirate Airline to provide a major numbers of destinations in Europe, moving its hub to Dubai.

The Jetset venture has failed to achieve these returns after numerous ownership restructures and further mergers to incorporate greater market power and reach, which saw Qantas controlling share reduce from 58 to 28 percent.

qantas digital strategy

The company started with joy rides and air taxi flights and graduated to a mail and passenger service in With the help of web check in kiosks, the passengers are able to choose the exact seat just a day before their flight.

This resource is not inimitable as other airlines provide the same amenities at a lower rate. Moreover, the major barrier to entry is getting a securing terminal space since all most of them are already leased out to Qantas and Virgin with a long term contracts Industry Market Research, Between the periods of tothe airline has developed various aircraft and inQantas carry passengers to international destinations for the first time.

Therefore, Qantas have to cooperate with the other airline such as Emirates, Vietnam airline to rival the others.

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