Stress and writing dissertations

Make sure you achieve every milestone that you set. And if you fall off the wagon, just get back on track as quickly as you can. Use the resources you need to get you to that final deadline day, whether that be a large stockpile of biscuits or something more serious. What will you do after graduation?

Do not rush or miss the deadline, it may not by graded, but you run the risk of losing out on the appropriate tutor for your chosen field. Find comfort in talking to friends or family or even university staff that are there to help you. How often have you resolved to spend a whole day writing, or to write ten pages in one sitting, and wound up with nothing to show for it?

You are no longer struggling to complete your project all by yourself.

dissertation survival

Taking breaks is just as important to your thesis-writing process as actually working. I was not constantly doing my dissertation work. I also had chocolate coins as a reward when I completed something. Yes, we are all proud in our own way, but we need to realize when something is wrong.

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dissertation stress