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Reliability and Safety 4.

subaru xv review 2015

Engines, performance and drive 3. It isn't that Subaru's system is bad, per se, but it's slow to operate meaning we missed several junctions and can't hold a candle to the German carmakers' graphical design. With this latest Crosstrek, Subaru has clearly opted to tune the chassis for comfort, and paired with the extra solidity of the structure, the decision pays dividends.

Verdict Pricey, yet unable to best myriad rivals in any SUV-essential department, the Subaru XV will, I fear, merely further exercise the goodwill of Subaru loyalists everywhere.

Subaru xv review

On board, the Subaru is admirably spacious throughout and, courtesy of delightfully thin A-pillars, forward visibility is outstanding. Last updated:. There is a certain charm in driving the underdog, bumbling along oblivious to those narcissistic enough to care about car image above all else. The 2. Naturally we're trying the more powerful version. This less-than-scientific dynamic test had us thinking this could be one of our favourite CVT transmission set-ups. The comfortable cloth seats are nicely stitched together with orange thread, which also is found on the leather shifter and the steering wheel to add a spot of playful fun. A pair of roof rails and bulky plastic cladding around the arches and bumpers help present it as a chunkier alternative to the likes of the Toyota CH-R. With this engine, mph takes Nonetheless, the seats are comfortable and space is more than adequate in the rear. However, its Outback and Forester stablemates finished 20th and 10th respectively in the survey.

There is a certain charm in driving the underdog, bumbling along oblivious to those narcissistic enough to care about car image above all else. The six-speed manual gearbox takes some getting used to though, with juddering upshifts which need to be ironed out with a gentle release of the clutch.

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Naturally we're trying the more powerful version. Body control feels good though, thanks to the relative low centre of gravity for a crossover brought about by the low-sitting Boxer unit. The 2.

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Sideways on snow, and balanced, neutral sliding otherwise. And a good job has been done in honing the XV's manners. Fundamentally, the Crosstrek has found a niche as the Chuck Taylor All-Star of cars: simple, cheap, cheerful, and welcome everywhere. Other switchgear has the emphasis firmly on rugged rather than refined, but that's fine in a car like this, we reckon. Subaru's designers have gone to great lengths to ensure the pillars are small and you have quarter windows on A and C to iron out blindspots. Accelerating from mph in 9. The car keeps everything constant and predictable, and what's more it's smoother than many competitor set-ups too. The 2. Lumpy at low speed and relentlessly fidgety in the cruise, the suggestion of over-tough springing and inadequate damping leaves the XV as reluctant to settle as a halibut on a hotplate. The biggest difference is in the on-road handling, and that's down to the new platform. We tried to get the XV stuck on steep, snow-covered hills and in a forest in the dark going too quickly, but every time this Scoobie managed to rescue itself. Last updated:. It feels polished, solid and confident — which you'd expect from a firm that's been building SUVs as long as Subaru has. And on the subject of vision, further assistance for the driver comes in the shape of the now-standard Eyesight package, which includes adaptive cruise and lane-keep assist along with a slew of autonomous safety kit. And on paper, the running costs of a diesel, or even a two-wheel drive petrol SUV, are a far more compelling option.

This time around you've got a choice of 1. And we can say that unequivocally because we tested them both back-to-back, at speed, on a deserted airfield, and then in a muddy quagmire for good measure.

It's only when you try to push the throttle pedal through the bulkhead that you're subjected to the droning racket our very own Anthony ffrench-Constant describes as 'bovine' in its aural pleasures, but at least there's more meaningful accelerative progress available than before.

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Purists might actually miss the lack of classic Subaru warble here, as we did when a WRX STI drove past, but alas it's been ironed out in the name of refinement with extra engine mounts and a more rigid block.

What's the diesel Subaru XV like to drive?

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