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Some pages, like key takeaways or breaks in thought, can take up a full page. Creation of an outline is an iterative process. The longform white paper template is the perfect way to educate readers without getting too flashy. Start with a title page but make it a good one. Remember, this is an authoritative document and should still look professional. Finish with a strong statement. Research for white papers can often take a lot of time and a vast amount of resources. Consider search engine optimization as part of title creation.

Consider search engine optimization as part of title creation. After the introductory paragraph, the first part of the body should give the background of the problem and outline the problem itself. Then, pick visuals with similarly sleek color schemes.

Then, you can easily apply them to your designs in a single click.

Template to write white paper

Then, you can easily apply them to your designs in a single click. This flavor is like a mix of strawberry and chocolate ice cream. You can be as creative as you want. Outline Develop an outline prior to beginning the writing process; it will eventually take form as its shorter, more succinct cousin, the table of contents. Through the use of custom images and bold colors, the Hartford white paper template guides the reader through everything the company can offer while giving relevant facts and figures prominence. Start by placing your logo in the page header. Provide additional detail to that included in the abstract, but avoid going into too much detail. Answering this question will help readers understand why your solution is of value; and more importantly, entice them to continue reading. If your company has conducted important research about your industry that you want to share with the world, the royal blue white paper template is a sleek way to get your name out there and demonstrate that your business is a leader that can be trusted. You will also want to cite additional resources after the conclusion. We writers, or content strategists, can suck at it. Step 4: Identify H1, H2, and Subsections Give your white papers consistency by identifying standard protocol for subsections and how information is organized. Curating Expert Content: Substantiate your message by including content from subject experts by getting quotes directly from them or curating their content. But you also want to strike a balance between being informative and entertaining.

Research for white papers can often take a lot of time and a vast amount of resources. Side bars and pull quotes will help keep the audience interested as they read through the piece, and areas for proper citations ensures the reader will be informed on where you get all of your information. The title should clearly state what the white paper is about.

You can create your own illustrations using icons—they can make for some fun and quirky headers, like in this workplace tech white paper example: What a coincidence!

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But other than that white paper formats vary widely, especially between industries. Similar to the title, time should be spent developing a clear, concise and hard-hitting abstract.

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When designing your white paper, look for opportunities to make text easier to scan with visuals. Map out sections and subsections. Provide specific, real-world examples to support your solution s. If you make your white paper design engaging, a lot more people are going to want to read it. What data points help to support answers to the above questions? It often gives the product name, and provides many technical details. Oh, the roads you will travel in trying to figure this one out. This helps make the distinction between main and sub-headers more noticeable. Include calls to action throughout your white paper In a white paper, there are plenty of opportunities to offer your product or business as a solution to problems your target audience faces. Unlike some of the other white paper templates, this template is much more focused on establishing a narrative through text and visuals. The table of contents should be followed by the body of the paper. You can be as creative as you want.
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8 Steps to the Perfect White Paper (Template Included)