The effect of different antibiotics on bacteria

While it is true that there are several situations in which bacteria are under subinhibitory concentration, such as in the human body after treatment, these concentrations tend to be transient and it is difficult for a resistant population to be selected unless a constant selection pressure is implemented.

J Clin Pharmacol. Although the focus of the review will be the impact of such changes on human health, other more general aspects of the topic will be discussed as well.

effect of antibiotics on microorganisms

This improvement might have consequences for human health in the case of surface-associated infections catheters, prosthesis, bladder, lung, etc. One aspect that has received more attention in the last few years is the effect of antibiotics in environmental microbiota 59 Abstract Antibiotics have been widely used for a number of decades for human therapy and farming production.

Upon these conditions, it is not rare that bacteria carrying resistance genes are found in nearly any tested habitat, including domestic and wild animals, natural ecosystems, or untreated human volunteers, such as isolated Yanomami Amerindians, among others 82 — Environ Microbiol Rep.

However, doctors can administer them by injection or apply them directly to the part of the body with infection.

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Effect on Bacteria