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This earned her the nickname 'Bloody Mary'. If they did not take it, then they would lose their office. Women were considered inferior in matters of religion and spirituality and therefore, Elizabeth being in charge would not have gone down well in the male dominated society.

the elizabethan settlement was essentially a return to protestantism

Following the death of Mary, many Protestants returned to England in the belief that the country would be Protestant Conversely, many Roman Catholics had opted to remain in England as Elizabeth had given them the impression that she, unlike her sister, was more tolerant of differing views There was growing religious unrest in France.

She tried to make everyone happy and to at least avoid infuriating any more people. This prompted debate over the issue.

Act of supremacy 1559

Elizabethan Settlement of Religion Elizabethan Settlement of Religion The attempt made by Queen Elizabeth I to unite all the contending religious forces of 16th century under one church in England was the Elizabethan settlement of religion. Before , most laymen were not made to take the Oath of Supremacy and the 12d fine for missing a service was poorly enforced. It was compulsory for all to attend the church every Sunday, and on holy days. The Act of Uniformity stated the way in which churches should be set out and the way in which services should be conducted. The oath was as follows: I A. Later, she decided that roods should be restored in parish churches. The collected fine was to be donated to the poor and needy.

Elizabeth was a Protestant from the very beginning. From the beginning of her reign Elizabeth tried to reserve

act of uniformity
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Elizabethan Religious Settlement