The miracle in my life

Finally, through the process of elimination, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Soon she was bedridden, totally incapable of even feeding herself, a prisoner within her own body.

miracles in life

Because of this life-altering work I had my life back, pain and prescription free, transformed and full! In a few months I drove to see Andrew and Tamara, something that had previously been impossible.

Do miracles happen

I could no longer look after my home, my dogs, or myself. As I was physically unable to drive the distance to my uncle's home, arrangements were made for me to fly. She required full-time care that only a nursing home could provide. For years I would race from school to the nursing home to feed and care for her. Initially, I felt the pain in my neck, then in my wrists, and elbows. Janet Komanchuk is a retired school teacher who has experienced the miraculous remission of chronic, debilitating fibromyalgia. Over several months, it intensified and spread throughout my entire body. I was so weak I could barely climb the steps of the plane. We equalize mankind with love. After several days of treatment I returned home to implement the diet and exercise programs that my newfound friends recommended.

Simply getting out of bed in the morning was a struggle. Dear Lord, please pray and shower your blessings upon us that we will have a long lasting, loving relationship that will turn into marriage under the blessing from God Please Lord, let this be my one wish right now in Lords name.

i want a miracle to happen in my life

Sure there were challenges, but every job has them. I want to be with him. She required full-time care that only a nursing home could provide.

The miracle in my life

Oh Lord please please pray that tony, will realize me and want a loving relationship with me.

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Each day, I create miracles in my life!