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The shifting of one piece can result in a radically different game.

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In fact, by the third time we are hearing the announcer calling the Seventh Race, we recognize the sequence of events.

He and Kubrick clashed often during filming; on one occasion Kubrick favored a long tracking shot, with the camera close to the actors with a 25mm wide-angle lens to provide slight distortion of the image, but Ballard moved it further away and began using a 50mm lens.

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Hayden socks over a restrained characterization, and Cook is a particular standout. The plot concerns a veteran criminal who masterminds a heist of millions of dollars from the money-counting room of a racetrack during a featured race. Thompson was chosen by Kubrick for his masterful ear for dialect, phrasing, and peculiarity in the dialogue he wrote for his books. His narrative approach seems blunt, but the narrative itself is so labyrinthine we abandon any hope of trying to piece it together and just abandon ourselves to letting it happen. In theory they're looking elsewhere. As mentioned above in reference to the non-linear storytelling, the audience relies on the Narrator to establish the timing of events, especially when there are large jumps forward or peculiar jumps backwards. It's said that a projectionist in Kansas City received a phone call from Kubrick in England, informing him that the picture was out of focus. Because the specific reasons that failure is desired differ. There's a large cast, made easy to follow because of typecasting and the familiar faces of many supporting players. It's later on when things get complicated.

But the repetition of events accomplishes the opposite effect, especially when seen from differing viewpoints.

By purposely casting doubt on the reliability of the narrator, Kubrick again confuses the audience. Some variables in his failure, certainly, are thanks to his own stupidity. Seeing it without his credit, would you guess it was by Kubrick?

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Put simply, The Killing is not a run-of-the-mill heist film.

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