Thesis on evaluation of supply chain management processes

thesis done on effects of supply chain management strategy on organizational performance

System-specific obstacles: Missing acceptance for cooperation within the supply chain, resistance against change processes, high complexity within the value chain, incompatibility with existing organizational structures or high effort for SCM implementation are the most common reasons.

Logistics versus SCM 4. This statement both demonstrates the importance for enterprises and emphasizes the complexity of the supply chain requirements these days.

Mentionable performance indicators in this perspective are the labor turnover rate or the amount of improvement ideas per employee per year Giese,p.

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The pending removal of this embargo, complicated by a depressed worldwide market for uranium, has prompted consideration of a new or extended Supply Chain Performance Evaluation: Trends and Directory of Open Access Journalsmanufacturers. This framework balances the inclination to overemphasize financial performance by long-term oriented performance measures Brewer,p.

This approach can only be realized by a common supply chain strategy that is supported by a common performance measurement system.

Impact of supply chain management on organizational performance pdf

Thus, logistics should lead to positive results in business related issues. However, the term is defined differently in the world of re- search and science. Reference list 1. A proper mix of sourcing can assist an organizations improve its business processes, improve its financial health, and improve its competitive advantage. Logistics versus SCM 4. From the divisional level the targets are once again broken down to the functional level. The selection process is made easier by the evaluation process. Logistics is a diverse and dynamic function Rather than optimizing functional-based processes, SC performance measurement is able to integrate relevant information along the whole value chain, and overcomes existing interfaces between departments. Service oriented architectures employ virtualisation and Web.

Strategies for reducing complexity are for example postponement, mass customization or the implementation of information and communication technologies Wildemann,p.

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