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The Company expects this trend of higher over-the-road truck freight and delivery expenses to continue inand uncertainties exist as to how this imbalance of supply and demand will be resolved.

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Hint: To find the amount of change, subtract the prior year amount from the c amount. Risk Factor s. The Company historically offers extended credit terms for sales made under seasonal sales programs, including Halloween.

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Depreciation is the largest adjustment. Similar agencies also regulate the businesses outside of the United States.

Net product sales revenues from McLane, which includes these Wal-Mart sales as well as sales and deliveries to other Company customers, were From time to time, the Company also changes the size of certain of its products, which are usually sold at standard prices, to reflect significant changes in ingredient and other input costs.

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Has increased or decreased? Question What is the main reason for the change in stockholders' equity? Revenue for net product sales continues to be recognized at a point in time when products are delivered to or picked up by the customer, as designated by customers' purchase orders, as discussed in Note 1. In anticipation of this high sales period, the Company generally begins building inventories in the second quarter of each year. The accounts receivable turned over 11 times during the ich is rather fast! The Company is currently unable to determine the ultimate outcome of this matter and therefore, is unable to determine the effects on its consolidated financial statements, but, the ultimate outcome could be material to its consolidated results of operations in one or more future periods. The Company competes primarily with other manufacturers of confectionery products sold to the above mentioned customers. Hint: To find the amount of change, subtract the prior year amount from the c amount. The Company has found that its sales normally maintain a consistent level throughout the year except for a substantial increase in the third quarter which reflects pre-Halloween and back-to-school sales. Question 5: Has Net Product Sales shown an increasing or decreasing trend over the past three years?

Should this be a concenr for the company? Need help?

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The Company did not have a material backlog of firm orders at the end of the calendar years or Has increased or decreased? Interpret any differences and infer what those may mean in relation to the company's operating decisions over the past three years. Did investing activities or sale securities have created the between cash inflow and cash ented? They are sold through approximately 30 candy and grocery brokers and by the Company itself to approximately 4, customers throughout the United States. Question 1: Who is the letter addressed to? The Company employs approximately 2, persons.


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