Volksvagen and the lawbreaking behavior scandal

Volkswagen admitted that 11 million of its vehicles were equipped with software that was used to cheat on emissions tests. Nine managers have been suspended over possible involvement in the scandal. The recall of vehicles with 2-litre engines will begin in January, with 1. Inthe cheating spread to a third VW brand in another city, seemingly creating still more opportunities for word to leak up to executives.

The case could also set up a diplomatic tussle between Germany and the coming administration, though Mr. Later last year, VW also reached a civil settlement covering the 3.

volkswagen emissions scandal timeline

The participants held more than 1, meetings relating to 60 working groups on different aspects of automotive production, including emissions control.

Currently, one of the six is being held in a Michigan federal prison. Meanwhile, seven current and former Volkswagen employees have been charged with crimes connected to the scandal, while an investigation continues in Germany.

Across the Continent, the German carmaker faces not only an expanding criminal investigation but also thousands of lawsuits from consumers demanding recourse. Twenty-seven months after the conspiracy was exposed, Winterkorn has not been charged with any offense in either the United States or Germany.

An Irish nurse wants compensation for the plunging value of her Volkswagen diesel car.

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VW admits emissions scandal was caused by 'whole chain' of failures