Waxed tissue paper

Puli Paper supplied this paper both in rolls and in sheets with a wide variety of colors, solid, pearl, silver and metallic.

It also gives the paper a slight shine that adds to a bouquet's beauty. Gift Tissue Paper we supplied is not only solid colors but also patterns, including leopard prints, flowers, spirals, strips and so on. They come in an assortment of colors to complement or contrast flowers, including white, red, SunGlo yellow, plum and chocolate.

wax paper for wrapping flowers

The crinkles on this paper are rough to touch, which makes the paper a unique appearance different from smooth woodfree gift wrapping papers to bring your packaging and craft projects unique style.

Commonly used for: - Absorb steam generated from sterilization, cooking. This dry waxed tissue paper is counted on by many florists, greenhouse workers, botanists and other plant handlers for store displays and deliveries.

tissue paper for florists

It is SGS certificated.

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