Writing a creative brief for a logo

writing a creative brief for a logo

If you have a budget in mind, include it in your project brief. It needs to represent our core brand values and be suitable for the industry we reside in.

Their needs and missions are different, and they communicate that in their logos.

Creative brief for logo design pdf

Subtle — Very loud logos slap people in the face with color and form. Time to deliver - usually a few weeks and up to a month or two. Where will the logo be used? Abstract mark? What are your unique selling points? Tell your freelancer what you do and how you do it. Business owners or clients should be providing the details to the designer. We make corporate videos for SMEs. The brief enables graphic designers to understand what is to be designed and why the design should be created. To promote a business with a transparent and honest service.

Question 5: How do you want to be known in your industry and when compared to your competitors? Designers can render these values visually with design elements. There will be extra questions and work that needs signed off, so make sure your freelancer gets straight through to the right person.

Have you been around a long time and want to convey that to your customers?

website creative brief template

This part is of the brief is incredibly important if you have added certain style specifications. In this case, background information on you and your business.

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3 reasons why writing a logo design creative brief is important