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A festival? Perhaps the reviewer can offer one review and the guest reviewer can review six or seven other pieces. The review is a genre of literary criticism for newspaper and magazine journalism. However, if it is one for a magazine or newspaper, you must know your target audience. Writing a review is always an attempt to express your attitude toward the performance. Think about what something might not have worked and what they could have done differently. Find out when and where it was already held. Talk about the color solutions, light scenarios, and how the form helped to disclose the content. What work did you find most enjoyable? Concert review is divided into two phases. Give your readers reasons why you feel this way and point out examples in the song. Making notes in the dark is not very convenient, but this is a necessary part of the work. The rich and resonant brass and the crisp and exact percussion dominate the scene throughout, as the main theme is somewhat developed.

WHAT—What was the event? Was that folk band a little bit too quiet playing in a field? Review writing does not have a fixed structure. Primary Sidebar. It is worth giving a few words to the work of the choreographers, costumers, and make-up artists.

Feedback is a general assessment of something with practical recommendations, while a review is a detailed analysis. Good luck with your paper writing!

It is a rousing number that exudes rhythmic intensity, and Spanish bravado. Did it sound better, the same, or utterly pants? If someone writes feedback, then it will simply evaluate the performance in the context of like and dislike.

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The way they performed? Send a thank you note or email to the person or persons who provided the music for the reviews, along with a copy of the review. If you refer to historical political, economic, and other events and facts in the article, use the dates, and do not be lazy — double-check the reliability of those facts about which you write. Write about the music, write about the lyrics. Who would like this type of music event? Why do you think they appeared that way? Get a notebook and a pen. Also, keep it comfortable. For getting addition help, you can read through samples presented on our site. It is important to distinguish the performance against the background of the others, to understand its distinctiveness and individual style. Translating your auditory observation into a written expression is highly demanding. They expect a reviewer to reflect on the concert as a product.

The genre of review writing is quite vast. If you're a musician reviewing another musician, do not give leeway. This will be what your review revolves around.

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There are plenty of blogging and review websites to upload to, but I personally recommend using Voicemag.

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How to Write a Music Performance Review