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You can use access lists to control routing updates, dial-on-demand DDRand quality of service QoS features. The output on the R1 table shows how the network grants access to the host.

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When routers check packets against the configured ACLs, they do so in a sequential order. They also allow administrators more flexibility when they are modifying the ACL entries.

Note these ACL equivalents. Applying an access list to an inbound interface controls the traffic that enters the interface and applying an access list to an outbound interface controls the traffic that exits the interface.

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Use debug commands with care. Task 2. The figure above shows the operation of an inbound ACL. Each remark is limited to characters in length. Telnet uses TCP, port An interface or command with an empty access list applied to it permits all traffic into the network. Needless to say, it is very granular and allows you to be very specific. Packets that are permitted access to a network based on the configured filtering criteria are processed for routing. Only packets denied by explicit deny statements are counted, which is why the explicit deny statement will yield more complete data for you.

The guard is filtering people based on the condition of having their names on the authorized list. This configuration allows the IP packets with an IP header that has a source address in the network Control access to vty—Access lists on an inbound vty Telnet can control who can access the lines to a device.

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Extended Access Control Lists (ACLs)